Meet our Pastor
Pastor Paul Hamilton Jr.

Welcome to our website. We appreciate your interest in our church and invite you to visit us anytime! 

"The goal of The Bible Missionary Baptist Church is to exalt the Name of Jesus Christ through our sacred worship, our strengthening of families, our transforming of lives through service, and the proclamation of His gospel."

As a congregation, we continually strive to become more of what God wants us to be. We also recognize that we are all on a journey, whether we have come to know Christ or we are still searching.

This is a fantastic time to be a part of The Bible Missionary Baptist Church family! We are a church modeling itself after the teachings in the New Testament scriptures, as Christians of all ages and genders spread the Good News to others. 

This site is designed to provide information about our church and our efforts to serve our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.  We encourage you to browse through our site to see the many things our church is doing to serve God. 

The year is an excellent year to prove your love for Christ and (This) Church! No matter where you are in your faith, the doors of TheBMBC are always open to you. Come worship with us on the mountain . . . Let's journey together!

How to join our church family:
  • Accept Christ and be baptized
  • Transfer by church letter
  • Christian confirmation
  • Membership restoration
In HIS Service, Pastor Paul Hamilton

Meet Our Team

Delores Miller
  • Recording Secretary
Renea Frazier
  • Treasurer
Al Miller
  • Chairman Deacon
V  801f
Warren Patterson
  • IT
Paul Hamilton
  • Pastor
Bridgette Frazier
  • Community Outreach Director